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The Gypsy tarot is one of the most famous and ancient to be found. Tarot as we know helps us know how to deal with or expect anything in life that will happen later told by a tarot reader with their cards. Always on the tarot has been associated with a typical gypsy sitting at a table with a crystal ball and tarot cards to predict the future by throwing them from the person who was ahead.
The creation of gypsy tarot cards are said to have been invented when the gypsies came to Europe recently, it has 78 cards (22 Major Arcana and 55 Minor Arcana) as well as tarot cards in Marseilles.

Meaning of tarot cards Gypsy

Here we show the meaning of some of the gypsy tarot cards free.

  • Female lead person
    This letter is good, represents the person consulting the cards, but if the consultant were a man would say that this emotionally closer to your partner.
  • Male lead person
    This letter is good, represents the person consulting the cards, but if a woman would mean that you are emotionally closer to your partner.
  • Hope / Ocean
    This letter is good, very varied represents several things such as addictions, hope and spirituality. If the person consulting the cards on the ground asked a deep love means loving, consistent and pure. If the questioner asked about their work will mean improvements to working and traveling abroad. If the consultant referred to the money will mean that all of wonders, each day better than the other.
  • Judge
    This letter is neutral, represents communication, where this advice, help, the issues involved, the conversation between two people who need it. If the person consulting the cards asked about love, it means you must treat problems of the couple, when asked about what work will mean that you have to do with the legal profession or employment contracts that have at your disposal. If consulted about money is that you should consult a lawyer because you're likely to end any discussion and need it badly.
  • A long way
    This letter is neutral, is a long time where we can overcome our problems, where friends will last long and sincere, love will last two years, at work means you are working long or you'll stay for long and Finally, the money will have to face several decisions that if you take it last long.

Gypsy Tarot Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from people who have accessed some form gypsy tarot free and some not.

  • I Carmelo Mexico, consulted gypsy tarot cards because I was living in times of great decision and did not know where to run. I had problems with my partner, my work and my family did not understand my reactions. Once I threw the cards I knew where to run and how to act.
  • Joan of Uruguay. My husband was in a deep depression, he had consulted all kinds of doctors and nobody could do anything, until my friends took me to throw me gypsy tarot cards. The tarotista helped me a lot with my husband, and now is working so hard to live as before.