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Horoscope and Predictions 2011 Aries

Love: You'll find that special person in the place least expected, stage of formalizing, and you need patience, possible pregnancy, moments of happiness.
Health: work will give you a lot of stress, physical activity must either pass time outdoors breathing fresh air.
Work: be more patient than usual, rests there will be times you must work hard, for projects and goals you want to accomplish.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 Taurus

Love: possible fights in the couple then settled, pleasure trips accompanied by a friend or partner.
Health: Good health throughout the year to be lived to the fullest advantage.
Labour will make bad decisions back in the material, contracts or negotiations is not a good time to sign.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Gemini

Love will have to solve marital problems, take care of your vocabulary to not hurt their relatives, the possibility of marriage for couples to set up and start a relationship for singles.
Health: health care this year because of travel may end with an accident or illness leave in the wrong place.
Work: at first be a good year in terms of work but then you deal with the situation so in the beginning trying to save.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Cancer

Love: discord between parents and children, singles find that person to spend nice moments, will be married enlarging the family and some are married.
Health: diseases that are not important as flu, you should watch your diet, but will not have much to worry about, health is optimal.
work: look for a new place to feel comfortable while working, have a lot of creativity, so it will be beneficial to you. Moments of successful investments.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Leo

Love, marriage problems at parents and children, good decisions will not have problems, then establish the link, singles can find love in the second half of the year.
Health: watch your back, food and read, moments of fatigue and stress. Make physical activity to balance the time.
Focus: good times for the self, probable promotions, investments, made business trips to help in job growth.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Virgo

Love, work problems home and will affect the family. The friends take a role in their lives and to help you through difficult times of life.
Health: good health throughout the year, but watch your circulation system for the second year mita. The constant work will have a peak stress, take care.
Work: this year will be a year of hard work throughout the day, you run the risk of loss of work and that it will fool. There will be time for any investment, but to travel.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Libra

Love: poor communication with the couple, but very good relationship with their children. The single lost communication with a friend important to them or a brother.
Health: good health thanks to the efforts of a pound to take care during the previous year. Watch your pressure, but will not be anything serious.
Labour moves, if so be a good year in terms of work, shift work, but take care of your finances so that spending unfortunate that arise, make good investment decisions.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Scorpio

Love, good relationship with your partner, friends and children. It's time to put things seriously and go for marriage and for married children. Good decision to be happy.
Health: this year will stay healthy and have no luck at this level, stress, fast food because of their work and will neglect the warning.
Work: consent or salary increases, success in your workplace. Time to work hard and can draw many advantages to level finance and promotions, so use it.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Sagittarius

Love couple fights become serious reaching separation, what will your sincericidio away from the people you love.
Health: no problems, good year at health.
Work: in the first half an unmistakable success in the labor, business benefits, then have to watch your workplace partners and colleagues.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Capricorn

Love, marital discord but not serious, reflective moments in the couple. Some friends will not be more worthy of admiration or affection.
Health: Get screened for heart this year, better care than sorry later, follow a healthy diet and consistent exercise.
Labour colleagues with envy may hinder their work. For owners of the place is excellent, good trading and investment

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 Aquarium

Love: stability at the aquarium effective without complications, couples can get married, while for the single can begin to shape its future.
Health: your liver does not bear so much abuse, care for it, the rest will be in good health but do not risk.
Labour finances grow, and this will keep the materialist happy aquarium, like save. In the second half of the year, you'll find a better job but away from your city.

Horoscope and Predictions 2011 for Pisces

Love to enjoy every moment of your partner or your family, grow love for married and single walk in search of lost love.
Health: strong and energetic throughout the year, not be as physically active. Good year at health.
Focus: good year for growth in the job, only with hard work day and night may have what you want. Beware of coworkers or employees.