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We have published the horoscope for 2013, you can not miss it. Our horoscope will tell you what you need to know about love, work and money.
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Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Aries

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be with positive mind all year, his thoughts will come true to spend the happiest moments with your partner. The single will be more appetizing than ever, find your love and then half of the year will be whether or not the woman of his life. Take care of your family, spend more time with it, you never miss if you need help.
Money and Work: Aries the money and work have ups and downs but will be strengthened in every situation they appear. Confidence in their projects to keep you alert for the unexpected and out positively. Saving is good and you can save much money you want, investment opportunities and travel. Find a partner to help with a couple of ideas in his head.
Health: You must beware of excesses during the entire year, tends to be exceeded when you like or feel comfortable with something. The stress is present, try to get enough rest renewed their work. The throat may be affected in one of his constant colds.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Taurus

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be full of passion for those who are in couples. The romance will be on the surface of the couple, so they will want to enlarge the family. For singles of the sign will be a little jealous or too burdensome to the pair of turn. The family asked to speak more and make it shared his ideas.
Money and Work: To Taurus the money and work you are fortunate enough to receive an inheritance, start a new business, achieve your goals, and getting money out of the blue on many occasions. Take a risk in everything that comes your way that luck is on your side. The work is expected both concrete thanks to a change of mind and constant work and your desire to be perfected.
Health: care must be taken with meals because the digestive system is continuously pasandote bill. Make a meal a little healthier, or varied to bring a healthier life.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Gemini

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family conflict will be full of delinquent couples do not understand, you want to go back to being free as any Gemini. The person will decide whether to sign or may not be a partner because it is their biggest problem, Gemini will always want their freedom for anything. The family will be away for you, do not want to give explanations of anything. Adventures everywhere, but just that in most cases.
Money and Work: For the money and Gemini work will have to put the batteries this year, big changes coming up and very important. Upgrades that will arrive from work had not planned, layoffs, a lot of work to keep you on the edge of stress, money that comes without knowing where or how. Try to save what you can not always lucky enough to get money from above, in these times.
Health: care must be taken with alcohol, like any Gemini loves to have fun but wrong in how. Have fun with protection if they want to have bad experiences sexual level.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Cancer

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be like out of a fairy tale. Reunion at pair of old loves that they can return, the possibility of marriage. Singles of the sign will have a lot in the list to be his partner, only the cancer know what to do. The family loves them, are always at the right time and with the right words you need to hear.
Money and Work: For Cancer the money and work will be able to change jobs for some other more liberal or in some other city. They know how to stay financially stable and will remain in the same direction, only this time may increase the flow of money. The working group will be the key to focus on their goals at a higher level than this.
Health: You must take care of your nerves, especially when it is to express it. Relaxation or meditation is a great help to stay focused on what you want without becoming anxious. Relax, do yoga or any outdoor sport such as walking.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Leo

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be with energy and joy enough to be all year round holidays. Will be watched by all and will look at all eager to tell a new story of love or make a friend. For married the sign it's time to enlarge the family. With leonine pride family leave their characteristic side and feel more fun with yours.
Money and Work: Leo the money and the work will be stressed, wanting to rest for the busy year that was in 2011. You can solve all the problems that arise at work and that will be awake in each Situació. Will present the time to invest in a new business that will help you financially. The money starts to run more and more as you want during 2012. Convince even the most reluctant to their ideas.
Health: Care should be cured of bad colds and respiratory system. Rest your head more than anything doing a little walk outside.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Virgo

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be full of opportunities in love, wanting to feel love and to get to the altar accompanied by the love of their lives. For married the sign felicices relive moments, joys and fantasies to the surface. The family will be happy through meetings that will create as an excuse to spend time with them.
Money and Work: Virgo the money and the work will have unwelcome changes that will advance their work or career they follow. New enterprises, business and investment that will save enough to buy property or sell them and reinvest a significant amount. The money will flow like the sea, will be present all the time and quantity.
Health: be careful with the bad or the discussions that lead to nothing, nerves play a trick on him. Have sight checks and try not to work 24 hours a day, relax and enjoy having around.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Libra

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be relaxed emotions. Stability in all areas, a couple who are happy, romantic and understanding to some of the singles to find that person that will be shoqueados and other every day in a different adventure. At the household level all will smile, moments of togetherness and joy everywhere.
Money and Work: Libra the money and the work will have many job well paid. Motivation is key to staying active and creative ideas to develop in the workplace. By continually bored of things keep you awake to create new ideas and independent projects. Good time to save for when one has to be supported for the difficult times ahead.
Health: be wary of common allergies and insect time. To no longer have any kind of stress, stay on the shoulders of his family and keep your mind occupied.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Scorpio

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be complicated in the couple. Emotional roller coaster that will not end up in good port, possible cuts in the partner. Infidelity door with people coming from the past. For singles the adventures of the sign will be consistent but because of jealousy will remain alone. With the help of the family can grow as a person and spiritually.
Money and Work: For Scorpio the money and work will have to guard against times of change. New work projects to keep you in suspense for a few months. Possibility of saving, think again. Being good at your work will have major responsibilities in the future. Do not squander your money on people or things that do not deserve it, the money is yours, you can spend it on whatever you want. Beware of partners or colleagues will want to lay a trick.
Health: care must be taken with meals high in fat, possible ear infections and care for the circulatory system. With positive thinking everything will go wrong on your side, relax people who want to see it bad.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Sagittarius

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be with the emotions to surface. For single sign of the love will come and go like magic. The renewal of feelings not all reach them, but the possible ex, attentive. For married the love sign with pain to your partner. For the family even though sometimes reproach share their ideas or attitudes in situations that will help you make good decisions.
Money and Work: For Sagittarius the money and work have to watch your company or work as partners or colleagues want to tarnish his moment of glory. The money will be well under way, only with bad decisions may disrupt a business that was round. Save for the future of your family or to enjoy with your partner.
Health: You must take care of the oral problems that may be important if allowed to stay long. Many life ahead, so do some sport will be very easy, just do not commit excesses.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Capricorn

Love and family: in 2012 for love and family will be the container that your partner is needed to talk and express their feelings. For singles will meet many people, besides years to find the love of their lives, for those who are in couples is a stage of happiness. With the family should listen to more and rejoin.
Money and Work: To Capricorn the money and work have several opportunities to move up a place thanks to their ideas and creative projects. Successful year at work, where you feel comfortable will leave with a better job. Be lucky in chance, but be careful, be careful what you win and do not throw all your money on things that are not important.
Health: be careful not to fall into depression, try to do a sport you enjoy so that this most vital, check your nervous system. Generally not have as many health level compicaciones.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Aquarius

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family, for singles will have a huge amount of people sharing all kinds of adventures, sympathy, good vibes, the happiness that characterizes accompanied at all times remain, then come love. The marriage of the sign will be at peace and more romantic than ever, but also moments of decision whether to continue or not with your partner. Your family will ask for a little freedom, give them a taste.
Money and Work: Aquarium the money and the work will have complications at work earlier this year, then you can get the job you want through personal change your goals. Opportunities to invest successfully, economically and even better chance of facing a new project with great profit.
Health: You must rest, if you become overwhelmed at the time that has no work may be too stressed with the situation, but think that everything happens, and will have a new job. The exercise will keep you energized. Bad times can affect you.

Horoscope and Predictions 2012 Pisces

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be full of blame if you do not pay attention it is due to your family and your partner. For singles of the sign will remain in the search for the person of your dreams, but those who arrived a year with a newly formed couple have great chances of it being a great love. For couples who are in love with a renewed journey that only you two share.
Money and Work: For Pisces the money and work will be modifying the fate of the end of last year, the accounts will improve their economic level change, will have a chance to win games. Be careful not to squander your money on things unnecessarily, because you never know when luck can change for the better came in the early months of 2012, watch your money if you want to keep.
Health: You must take care of domestic accidents are the most frequent, the distraction will be a big factor this year, watch out because the consequences can be significant. Be active to change your mood