New Horoscope Leo for 2013

We have published the horoscope Leo for 2013, you can not miss it. Our horoscope will tell you what you need to know about love, work and money. See it in a totally free: Horoscope Leo 2013 free

These are the predictions for the sign of Leo are born between 24 July and 23 August.

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be with energy and joy enough to be all year round holidays. Will be watched by all and will look at all eager to tell a new story of love or make a friend. For married the sign it's time to enlarge the family. With leonine pride family leave their characteristic side and feel more fun with yours.
Money and Work: Leo the money and the work will be stressed, wanting to rest for the busy year that was in 2011. You can solve all the problems that arise at work and that will be awake in each Situació. Will present the time to invest in a new business that will help you financially. The money starts to run more and more as you want during 2012. Convince even the most reluctant to their ideas.
Health: Care should be cured of bad colds and respiratory system. Rest your head more than anything doing a little walk outside.