These are the predictions for the sign of Gemini, are those born between 22 May and 21 June.

Love and family for Gemini 2013: in the first half of the year will have some altercations to be resolved more quickly increasing the year. For singles find the love of the sign but must be change your mood changing. For the family of Gemini are mismatched, with recurring fights his way of life, a more sensible and lifestyle change.
Work and Money for Gemini 2013: will be in good hands, with a good dialogue between colleagues, to meet with them after hours. The money will remain stable, allowing wide swings but save for future times. If you want to invest Be aware that you can not always go well.
Health for Gemini 2013: will regia, only those common ailments like headaches and occasional cold due to temperature changes or defenses down by poor diet.