These are the predictions for the sign of Aquarius, those born between January 21 and February 19.

Love and family for Aquarius : In this 2016 will know the truth about the person I love all his life, with this situation reemerge love much more than in the past and try to support your partner in everything I can. Hard secrets come to light in the family, there is nothing we can not handle and rationalize. The single will be thinking about the knot, but they will need that person ptra also say yes, this takes a little longer but everything will be as they want do not worry if it takes longer than it should.

Work and Money for Aquarius: In this 2016 should not commit to certain things you know are not within reach, since it will remain as you do not mind, try to tell the truth in everything from their work. An invitation to an event to meet people who run major companies, pleasantly surprised to meet a particular guest he will change his mind. Your stubbornness will live things that you will regret . Must respect the ideas of others , one knows who can give nunnca work and help you improve in the future.
Health for Aquarius: In this 2016 should beware of eating fat, due to a liver problem. Try to care as much as possible, because it can get worse.