These are the predictions for the sign of Capricorn, those born between December 22 and January 20.

Love and family for Sagittarius: In this 2016 singles will find a fairly stable relationship but do not want it, should only be carried away by the love and the good times we spent together. They will have a meeting with someone from the past that you do very well in the psychic. You will have to learn to delay things that are not important and that you take out energy. Married people have the odd altercation, a misunderstanding so much angry but anyone but your partner will solve an incredible and mature form.

Work and Money for Capricorn : In this 2016 case of not taking the questioning be a sponge of their colleagues, may have very likely to grow if not left in anger. Long in coming, but no reward at the end, it will work for a considerable time after hours in his other job link, but a person of high rank will consider it for a senior position with him. Tiredness will explode, try to renew energy in whatever makes you happy.
Health for Capricorn: In this 2016 will help greatly distracted both relaxing family or doing some kind of meditation activities.