Love and family for Leo : In this 2016 the communication between partners is essential to maintain and strengthen the relationship. Love and passion is skin deep, but some thoughtful questions that keep the passion they will lose. The single will be the event to event, meeting new people and enjoying the pleasures of life. He was not interested in finding a person to accompany you to your home, company only for a limited time. The family will want to spend more time with them and claim it anyway.

Work and money for Leo : In this 2016 need to work more to pay back debts, but thanks to the people you will meet, will recommend you a good job to which you will be tested for a while and then you just need to shine as all I read and show you 're the best at what they do. The dienero be a stone in your way the first half but in the second half and you can spend on all the things you want, you must try even if it is to save for slightly, and you will not know when you'll come Need.
Health for Leo : In this 2016 you will be more sensitive stomach, so when you overdo food or when other eats, the result will go straight to the hospital. If you want to eat everything, try to eat everything but only a little.