These are the predictions for the sign of Scorpio born between October 24 and November 20.

Love and family for Scorpio : In this 2016 singles, feel all the love that had not felt for a person, you will reconcile with the person who offended you in the past to come back with something much more serious and promising. You may feel disturbed by a discussion coming from the opposite sex. Selfishness not come to anything, try to be more humble in front of the other. Sign married couple will live unique moments, will make the trip both accompanied by relatives who wanted to brighten the day.

Work and Money for Scorpio: In 2016 you will not have this widely hear everything that you tell or advise, you must read between the lines. You must fight to fulfill your dreams, if you help, you trust yourself and you'll work you need to do it without you noticing. Try not to delegate the major firms, as there will be people who want to involve him in serious trouble. A story that feared that someday, soon confirmed. In its opinion to the superior in every question you ask, increase your creativity.
Health for Scorpio: In this 2016 should take care of their vocal cords and not gain as much weight as it will bring short -term consequences will not want to go.