These are the predictions for the sign of Taurus, those born between 21 April and 21 May.

Love and family for Taurus: In this 2016 you will find yourself surrounded by friends of the soul. Sharing makes you feel much more confident and sure of yourself, so you will renew hope in you to start a serious relationship harmonious. There will be many opportunities for relationships but you will notice when thanks to the ideal time to meet. Married people live intense moments of love. Time for introspection that will help improve the couple. The family will be much more peaceful and happy than other years.

Work and Money for Taurus: In this 2016 should stay afloat with the little work they can get, since there will be lucky to find work. At this time it will be critical that you put into practice your creativity and realize crafts for sale, and you're good for it. The efforts of several months to put into practice, will be rewarded in the near future thanks to a person to be admired watching perform your work with great passion. Money will not be rich, but you will feel comfortable.
Health for Taurus: Bad exits unexpectedly movements, which will make you suffer for a while. Shallow crack will tear most commonly happen to you this year. Take care.