These are the predictions for the sign of Virgo, those born between August 24 and September 23.

Love and family for Virgo : In this 2016 'll be accompanying your partner in her mood swings and problems that arise out of nowhere, as it is very sensitive. The love that give your relationship will be crucial to strengthen the love and ripen more. Single Virgos will feel lonely, not wanting to be with friends or family join. In the second half of the year you can enjoy more than the company of the opposite sex thanks to outings with friends. The family will want to help him out in real life not to see depressed.

Work and Money for Virgo : In this 2016 will be comfortable with the economy , but does not have some left missed. The reckless spending can not comply, as they will be more careful thinking about your money and save it for later. In terms of work have no problems, the relationship with colleagues is a bit prickly, but nothing serious, only minor problems of envy. There will be more work than usual thanks to resopnsabiliddes delegating your boss, soon you will get a much better job thanks to the recommendations of your boss.
Health for Virgo : In this 2016 should take care of your cholesterol and blood pressure. You should take better care of your body in excess.