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Many people come to see tarot readers or viewers about his love life. At the time they are in front of the tarotista consultant can think about questions to which people can describe their visionary state of love, his past love, future love and to tell them how they feel in your future your partner.

Meaning of the cards in the tarot of love

In the tarot of love is considered that the drinks and clubs are good clubs. Conversely, the cards with the suits of coins and swords are negative for love.

The letters containing a wooden cup, the tarot of love, relate to themes of love, feelings.


FAQ for circulation of free love tarot

Then published a series of questions that are often different in a reading tarot free tarot card of love and family.

  • Will I get a love in this year?
  • Am I doing well with the relationship I'm starting?
  • My relationship with my current partner have a future?
  • Will I have a love relationship with my ex partner?
  • My current partner is really as shown?
  • Do I have to fight for the love of my current relationship?
  • My current partner is in love with me?
  • How do you know when that person is not for me?
  • My partner is unfaithful?
  • How do I know if my current partner is my partner going forward?


Free love spells

Toast to seduce the love of your dreams

Materials: Two cups, rose water, four petals of a red rose, a pen, a bottle of your favorite drink of the opposite person, pink tissue paper, a little sugar, five red candles, patchouli oil, a garment close to the desired person, five candle holders.

The night before the tops clean with rose water, washing with fingers and dry with underwear, I put 2 rose petals on the inside of each cup and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar.
The pink tissue paper you cut the size of a business card with pencil writing on your behalf and that of your loved one so intertwined.
With paper in hand draw with saliva in the thumb and index finger a heart, and then add a pinch of sugar.
When lists have the cups, place them under your bed for the night.
The next day take the candles and brands without being noticed, with the full name of yours and the desired person.
To have the candles ready, patchouli oil paint like the bottle at the bottom. The candles place them in a circle around the bottle.
To light candles after three deep breaths, you concentrate on your desire and after a while, pour a few drops of wax on a hidden area.
The papers that we have the ball, put them in a nightstand beside the bed.
Take the cup in his hands and the petal, insert it into your mouth until it becomes soft as you chew and eat it.
Re-clean the tops with pants that you used.
Half an hour before your date arrives, you place candles where they will find, except one, which will be placed in the bedroom.
Next to the table at night are the balls of paper, which is the name of both cups, and wine or what is to be taken to seal the match.