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The Egyptian tarot tarot is one of the oldest known in the world, consists of 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.
The major arcana represent the strengths and weaknesses of man. Has the myth of the emergence of the Egyptian tarot cards are in Egypt inside the largest pyramid, under the feet of the Sphinx temple where the 108 Egyptian tarot cards known only only 78.

Meaning of Egyptian Tarot cards

Here we show the significance of some of the Egyptian tarot cards free.

  • THE CRAZY or discipleship:
    This letter speaks of a young man in search of adventure. Stands at a precipice in peace, free. A dog accompanying indicating he is not alone. Has emerged from a cave in search of a path that will person. This guy leaves without prejudice, open to whatever comes. The menu is pure instinct.
    The letter speaks of a young boy, dressed in robes, with the infinity symbol on his head as a hat. With his left hand pointing to heaven, and right to land. Before him, there are objects that symbolize power within us. Is a bridge between heaven and earth, matter and spirit.
    The letter speaks of a young woman, produce serenity, mystery, power. With a sky blue robe and a crown on his head, identified as the princess in her world. In his hands is open the book of wisdom. It's subconscious.
  • EMPRESS or Isis Unveiled:
    The letter speaks of a beautiful woman. With warm face, covered by a robe and a crown with immense power. Located on a throne in the woods, off femininity, delicacy and motherhood.
  • The Emperor and the Prince ALCHEMIST:
    The letter speaks of a force. The Emperor is sitting on a throne, we see its power. With a straight face stared at the staff that supports transmit values and strength. His beard makes us think of her apparent wisdom and attributes it to parenting.