Predictions 2016 for Aries

Love and family for Aries: In Tthis 2016 married are more hot, with very high libido and eager to spend time with your partner, being sweeter than usual. There will be others who want to destroy your relationship, but are so in love that will let pass unnoticed. Singles are more open-minded than usual, looking for new adventures of all kinds. You should spend more family time to take in view of a close secret that this mortifying.
Work and money for Aries: In this 2016 will not have all the luck in the world, so you must watch your money as if it were gold. Unforeseen and unexpected surprise you, think that everything is against you. Slowly you go out of bad luck in the first half and you stabilize yourself financially and to make important and good profit projects. If you want to go to work in another country, it is very likely that you can achieve through contacts several years ago to trust you. Commitment to good communication with your colleagues, is that you do not reach the bad intentions of others.
Health for Aries: In this 2016 you must take care of stress, nerves and upset stomachs. Everything is a result of the problems that you have during the year, is performing an exercise routine that you like to get your mind just try not to overeat.

Predictions 2016 for Taurus

Love and family for Taurus: In this 2016 you will find yourself surrounded by friends of the soul. Sharing makes you feel much more confident and sure of yourself, so you will renew hope in you to start a serious relationship harmonious. There will be many opportunities for relationships but you will notice when thanks to the ideal time to meet. Married people live intense moments of love. Time for introspection that will help improve the couple. The family will be much more peaceful and happy than other years.
Work and Money for Taurus: In this 2016 should stay afloat with the little work they can get, since there will be lucky to find work. At this time it will be critical that you put into practice your creativity and realize crafts for sale, and you're good for it. The efforts of several months to put into practice, will be rewarded in the near future thanks to a person to be admired watching perform your work with great passion. Money will not be rich, but you will feel comfortable.
Health for Taurus: Bad exits unexpectedly movements, which will make you suffer for a while. Shallow crack will tear most commonly happen to you this year. Take care.

Predictions 2016 for Gemini

Love and family for Gemini: In this 2016 'll be thinking about formalizing and start a family with the person sitting next to you, several years ago. Singles seek the love of your life in every corner who crosses, but will cost you realize who will be the right one, so it will go through several people to find it. Married the sign will live a year without turbulence, seeking inner peace and couples. Sharing moments of joy and learning together. The family will be a little away for lack of time and prioritize your own family or couple.
Work and money for Gemini: In this 2016 will seek to raise money by either side, so you will take plenty of work to fulfill a dream marriage. In the working part you'll do quite well, thanks to your fellowship and good energy you radiate to others. Money will not be a problem, except that you will look anyway to get to the wedding of your dreams, so you'll want to spend all that you have. Once you pass, you'll never save as usual and try for a few months of not spending on things that are not essential to live.
Health for Gemini 2016 n this should take care of stress, and you will work almost 24 hours a day and nerves that 'll hurt without realizing it.

Predictions 2016 for Cancer

Love and family to cancer: In this 2016 married go through months and months of fighting that reconciliation closer and closer. Love will miss one day and return the next day with forces. Those with children will become more stable and fights in family anecdotes. Singles spend pleasant days with friends and family, wanting to find love of surprise, but cost more, sometimes love can find it in the past without having to search too. They are a little tired of his family and who want to obey and you do not want to obey.
Work and Money for Cancer: In this 2016 you will feel more comfortable than ever in your work, you will go forward and spend fun times with your buddies. Though not always all rose, with few ups and downs and fights with senior managers always have the right to all your questions and your colleagues will know, so they support each word. About money, you think you'll have the rope on the neck, but slowly you go out of debts and purchases that you do for others, just to feel satisfied.
Health for Cancer: In this 2016 will have to be more careful of domestic accidents. Your clumsiness will be more present than ever.

Predictions 2016 for Leo

Love and family for Leo : In this 2016 the communication between partners is essential to maintain and strengthen the relationship. Love and passion is skin deep, but some thoughtful questions that keep the passion they will lose. The single will be the event to event, meeting new people and enjoying the pleasures of life. He was not interested in finding a person to accompany you to your home, company only for a limited time. The family will want to spend more time with them and claim it anyway.
Work and money for Leo : In this 2016 need to work more to pay back debts, but thanks to the people you will meet, will recommend you a good job to which you will be tested for a while and then you just need to shine as all I read and show you 're the best at what they do. The dienero be a stone in your way the first half but in the second half and you can spend on all the things you want, you must try even if it is to save for slightly, and you will not know when you'll come Need.
Health for Leo : In this 2016 you will be more sensitive stomach, so when you overdo food or when other eats, the result will go straight to the hospital. If you want to eat everything, try to eat everything but only a little.

Predictions 2016 for Virgo

Love and family for Virgo : In this 2016 'll be accompanying your partner in her mood swings and problems that arise out of nowhere, as it is very sensitive. The love that give your relationship will be crucial to strengthen the love and ripen more. Single Virgos will feel lonely, not wanting to be with friends or family join. In the second half of the year you can enjoy more than the company of the opposite sex thanks to outings with friends. The family will want to help him out in real life not to see depressed.
Work and Money for Virgo : In this 2016 will be comfortable with the economy , but does not have some left missed. The reckless spending can not comply, as they will be more careful thinking about your money and save it for later. In terms of work have no problems, the relationship with colleagues is a bit prickly, but nothing serious, only minor problems of envy. There will be more work than usual thanks to resopnsabiliddes delegating your boss, soon you will get a much better job thanks to the recommendations of your boss.
Health for Virgo : In this 2016 should take care of your cholesterol and blood pressure. You should take better care of your body in excess.

Predictions 2016 for Libra

Love and family for Libra : In this 2016 live and own insecurities accompanying person, difficult moments in the couple that slowly will be solved with a lot of communication and understanding. The children that attend will look a little more as you let go of all to try to see what you want to be happy and you'll be locked in yourself. The single will be released a little more familiar surroundings of wanting to live his life without anyone telling them what to do. Occasionally they make mistakes, but want to fix it yourself.
Work and Money for Libra : This 2016 work is what abound, take the job that comes their way not to make contact with the people closest. There will be colleagues who want to bring an extra professional relationship but put the record straight. All they need is to work and to raise money in the future to do what they want. That dream trip abroad come to realize it in family or friends. There you can find a workplace that will dazzle and accept without knowing the details.
Health for Libra : In this 2016 you will feel much better emotionally and with respect to health, you will find stable. You will not have big binge, so you'll look better.

Predictions 2016 for Scorpio

Love and family for Scorpio : In this 2016 singles, feel all the love that had not felt for a person, you will reconcile with the person who offended you in the past to come back with something much more serious and promising. You may feel disturbed by a discussion coming from the opposite sex. Selfishness not come to anything, try to be more humble in front of the other. Sign married couple will live unique moments, will make the trip both accompanied by relatives who wanted to brighten the day.
Work and Money for Scorpio: In 2016 you will not have this widely hear everything that you tell or advise, you must read between the lines. You must fight to fulfill your dreams, if you help, you trust yourself and you'll work you need to do it without you noticing. Try not to delegate the major firms, as there will be people who want to involve him in serious trouble. A story that feared that someday, soon confirmed. In its opinion to the superior in every question you ask, increase your creativity.
Health for Scorpio: In this 2016 should take care of their vocal cords and not gain as much weight as it will bring short -term consequences will not want to go.

Predictions 2016 for Sagittarius

Love and family for Sagittarius : In this 2016 all the planets will align, that person you wanted both, will step forward to show you all that feels for you, so if you must take the most sneaky way possible. Keep the other with the expectation that you felt before is encouraged to show their feelings. Sign married, live a magical infatuation stage and adolescence. Turmoil in the household sector, blame and punishment to those who do not think as they come.
Work and money for Sagittarius : In this 2016 should contact their peers in a more serious way, to progress together to start a company in society. Do not be cruel to those who have less, because they take revenge automatically. Acknowledge your mistakes as you remember well, it is a good person, and will take it as a person of your word. You must maintain security in itself to solve unforeseen problems you experience. Diversify your savings and invest in various sectors.
Health for Sagittarius: In this 2016 should take care of their joints and disease in some muscles that are not used to exercise. Maintain a light exercise three times a week.

Predictions 2016 for Capricorn

Love and family for Sagittarius: In this 2016 singles will find a fairly stable relationship but do not want it, should only be carried away by the love and the good times we spent together. They will have a meeting with someone from the past that you do very well in the psychic. You will have to learn to delay things that are not important and that you take out energy. Married people have the odd altercation, a misunderstanding so much angry but anyone but your partner will solve an incredible and mature form.
Work and Money for Capricorn : In this 2016 case of not taking the questioning be a sponge of their colleagues, may have very likely to grow if not left in anger. Long in coming, but no reward at the end, it will work for a considerable time after hours in his other job link, but a person of high rank will consider it for a senior position with him. Tiredness will explode, try to renew energy in whatever makes you happy.
Health for Capricorn: In this 2016 will help greatly distracted both relaxing family or doing some kind of meditation activities.

Predictions 2016 for Aquarius

Love and family for Aquarius : In this 2016 will know the truth about the person I love all his life, with this situation reemerge love much more than in the past and try to support your partner in everything I can. Hard secrets come to light in the family, there is nothing we can not handle and rationalize. The single will be thinking about the knot, but they will need that person ptra also say yes, this takes a little longer but everything will be as they want do not worry if it takes longer than it should.
Work and Money for Aquarius: In this 2016 should not commit to certain things you know are not within reach, since it will remain as you do not mind, try to tell the truth in everything from their work. An invitation to an event to meet people who run major companies, pleasantly surprised to meet a particular guest he will change his mind. Your stubbornness will live things that you will regret . Must respect the ideas of others , one knows who can give nunnca work and help you improve in the future.
Health for Aquarius: In this 2016 should beware of eating fat, due to a liver problem. Try to care as much as possible, because it can get worse.

Predictions 2016 for Pisces

Love and family for Pisces : In this 2016 can rebuild your current situation with your partner if it shows what the other person feels. If you are sure you want to continue the relationship and not wasting time, ask for forgiveness or to understand someone else soon. In the second half will reach the couple 's life that a being filled with light and love forever. The singles of the sign will be thoughtful in most months, want to fall in love but your mind will go back into all kinds of conquest you want to perform.
Work and money for Pisces : In this 2016 there will be problems in the labor field before a scheduled trip, do not try to postpone that trip, the problems will be solved easily and quickly, does not cost you to delegate . If you are looking for suitable work in all interviews planned . The money will remain stable, will not have significant drawbacks , may be wanting tastes thanks to their savings. Of course , you should be careful that you do not steal the people who have in the vicinity. They can surprise the sber who want trick .
Health for Pisces : In this 2016 will have moments of nerves and anxiety mixed with happiness and joy. Try to remain calm to problems that arise.