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The mysteries are divided into two: that there are 22 Major Arcana and Minor Arcana are 58.
Major Arcana:
0 - The Fool
I - The Magician
II - The High Priestess
III - The Empress
IV - The Emperor
V - Pope
VI - The Lovers
VII - The Chariot
VIII - Justice
IX - The Hermit
X - Wheel of Fortune
XI - Strength
XII - The Hanged Man
XIII - Death
XIV - Temperance
XV - The Devil
XVI - The Tower or House of God
XVII - The Star
XVIII - The Moon
XIX - The Sun
XX - Judgement
XXI - The World

The minor arcana are:

Meaning of the tarot arcana

Here we show the significance of some arcane tarot cards free.

  • The Fool:
    Someone outgoing but missed, it is committing a folly or leaves a misleading way.
  • The Wizard:
    Creative person with gifts to do what is proposed, but it depends on us to get to do it.
  • The High Priestess or High Priestess:
    Wise woman, mother of the client. Warns us that to achieve what we intend to be consistent and exercise caution and wisdom.
  • The Empress:
    Fertility, marriage, birth of a child or material wealth.
  • The Emperor:
    Wisdom larger or male head of household. Could represent indecision take us astray.
  • The Pope or High Priest:
    Wise man and diplomat, marriage ..
  • Valentine:
    Represents love and separation to a third party. The choice between two lovers, a break or a union.
  • The car:
    Represents movement. If there is to the right, if we will reverse out saying that we expect to happen will take to pass.
  • Justice:
    Marriage, signing contracts. In the case of signing or marriage must be careful because something can not come out quite right.