New Horoscope Scorpio for 2013

We have published the horoscope Scorpio for 2013, you can not miss it. Our horoscope will tell you what you need to know about love, work and money. See it in a totally free: Horoscope Scorpio 2013 free

These are the predictions for the sign of Scorpio, those born between 24 October and 20 November.

Love and Family in 2012 for love and family will be complicated in the couple. Emotional roller coaster that will not end up in good port, possible cuts in the partner. Infidelity door with people coming from the past. For singles the adventures of the sign will be consistent but because of jealousy will remain alone. With the help of the family can grow as a person and spiritually.
Money and Work: For Scorpio the money and work will have to guard against times of change. New work projects to keep you in suspense for a few months. Possibility of saving, think again. Being good at your work will have major responsibilities in the future. Do not squander your money on people or things that do not deserve it, the money is yours, you can spend it on whatever you want. Beware of partners or colleagues will want to lay a trick.
Health: care must be taken with meals high in fat, possible ear infections and care for the circulatory system. With positive thinking everything will go wrong on your side, relax people who want to see it bad.